16 July 2014

There are many emotions that can cloud our judgement. Anger, happiness, hate, fear and sadness are some of the common emotions that can cloud our judgement.

Anger, hate, fear and sadness destroy a person and lead to destructive decisions. Happiness is not necessarily dependent on good or evil – as there are those who rejoice  in evil and those who rejoice in good.

But emotions are usually not permanent and are dependent on circumstances and external influences. It is easy to let our emotions, overwhelm us into making decisions that we might regret. Some people practice the art of detachment – to be detached from worldly emotions so as to maintain peace and a tranquil mind which is clear and unclouded.

But the absence of emotions is not something we hope to attain. In fact, i do not think it is possible to attain. None of the apostles or even Jesus was devoid of emotions. But the defining quality that was stronger than all their emotions was love. Love is sometimes a choice. Love is also sometimes obedience.  Love also results in actions or in-action.

Love prefers the other and true love ends up in sacrifice in order to build up and restore. Love does not need to depend on circumstances or external influences if it is a choice.

Although i may be overwhelmed by different emotions at times, i must cling onto the love of God. If there is to be any certainty to my emotions, it must start in the love of God. Whether it be obedience, a difficult choice or a deliberate act to prefer another – i must choose this over what my emotions drive me to think or do.

Lord Jesus, my soul is desperate for your love. Not just the warm hugging kind of love, but the love which is bold like a lion, the love which is obedience, the love which is a choice to prefer you over everything else, the love that propels me into good action and the love that withholds me from evil acts. I am more in need of your love than i know. May you shower your love into my life and grow this love of yours in my spirit daily.


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