Providence of God

15 July 2014

Our foresight is limited by time, experience and knowledge. Plans that seem good at the time may turn out to be foolish ones. Circumstances that appear disastrous may actually be a blessing in disguise.

Our faith in God helps us through these moments by either preventing us from making foolish decisions or in breaking down in the face of insurmountable circumstances. As God is our guide and strength, I believe God will always maneuver the course of events to help us build a future, but we need to keep on trusting in Him and do the right thing no matter the circumstances. In time, we will see the light and His ways.

Lord Jesus, may i keep the faith that you are always seeking out the best course of events for me. That you are not limited by time, experience or knowledge because you are all in all. May i trust in your providence and may i hope in your goodness.


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