Why cost me?

13 July 2014

Why is it that God is honored and glorified when we do something for him that costs us meaningfully? It is said that God does not need anything from us because He is God and everything there is and ever will be is already his.

Our act of giving and the decision to bless others when we know they will not be able to repay us back is one of the highest forms of worship. Because it imitates the very nature of God’s grace and reflects the ultimate grace that is found is the forgiveness of sins and renewal of life through Jesus Christ.

Why cost me? Because it cost God his only begotten son, Jesus Christ, to whom there is no measure or comparable. Why require of me? Because i have been privileged to be a partaker of this divine grace and am the body of the resurrected and living Jesus. What was given was perishable, but what returned was imperishable and glorious.

Lord Jesus, may my life be a pleasing sacrifice worthy of being called a child of God. May i glorify you in this life and may i choose to allow something to cost me in order for it to bless another. Thank you Lord for your precious blood and gift of new life. May i never walk without this knowledge of mercy and grace resounding in my heart and mind.


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