You give me peace

9 July 2014

Much of our lives are spent striving and doing things. We have places to go, people to meet and work to do. And each night, we can retire to our beds and cease all the striving and doing in our sleep. Without this peaceful sleep, we cannot function properly.

As much as we need physical sleep to rest our bodies and mind, we also need a spiritual peace to rest our souls. Much of the things we go through in our waking day affects our soul. But sleep alone cannot relieve our soul from the anxieties that build up over time.

The peace we need for our soul comes from God. The more we seek the peace of God with the help of the Holy Spirit, the more we can lift away the burdens of our soul and allow it to rejuvenate in the same way our physical bodies rejuvenate from sleep.

Lord God, may you give me peace to rest my soul and rejuvenate my soul. I seek your perfect peace to reign in my heart as i go through the day’s work and as i end the day in bed. May i also draw from the fullness that your peace brings so that i can function and walk in your Holy Spirit.


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