Thinking twice

4 July 2014

I am usually too quick off the mark with my comments, judgement and actions. At times this is a good thing because it can be seen as being decisive. But at other times it can be too hasty and foolish. I pray that God does watch over me in these times and prompts me to think twice before acting on something.

We all know the difference between the right or wrong decision can be but a split second. Our choices and decisions made in the moment can literally affect the rest of our lives or otherwise carry significant consequences. In the bigger picture, how we lead our lives on earth will determine an eternity which we may then never be able to change.

If only we knew the consequences of our decisions before we made them! May the Lord be ever merciful and graceful!

Lord Jesus, please keep my mind careful in the way i do things and may the Holy Spirit constantly guide my thoughts and decisions. May i think twice and be prayerful in the way i conduct my life.


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