2 July 2014

I sometimes struggle with bitterness. Bitterness is an easy feeling to identify with, but it’s not so easy to know where or how some or all of it originated.

It may result from a sense of entitlement which was not fulfilled. An unfairness that was suffered. Or a build up or accumulation of different things that a person has never let go of over time.

Jesus came to set us free from bondage to sin and bitterness. But there is no room for Jesus in a heart filled with bitterness. Similarly there is no room for bitterness in a heart which is filled with thanksgiving to Jesus.

As difficult as it may feel to let go of bitterness, it is a choice of lifestyle just as believing in Jesus is a choice. Perhaps not all bitterness that has built up can be released at once, but we can certainly stop the accumulation by giving every bitter thought to Jesus.

Lord Jesus, remove the bitterness from my heart and make room for your Holy Spirit. May the fruits of the Holy Spirit spring forth in my being and may i leave no room for bitterness. Thank you for your care and love. Help me to be grateful and see the things to be praising you for rather than the things to be cursing about.


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