Waiting on God

1 July 2014

The perseverance to seek God is a godly virtue. Real life is often lived in between moments of tension and struggles. Seeking God’s input in these moments is often challenging because we do not see immediate results. We live more and more in a microwave community where things happen instantaneously. We have access to so many things literally at a touch of a button. Our ability to wait patiently for an answer or to see the results of something has also been diminished by all this.

But God’s answer does not always come instantly. Waiting on God is difficult and because we are so used to having things happen instantly, the perceived slowness of God in answering our prayers can mean we take things into our own hands.

We can’t see what God is doing whilst we wait and so we start doing something ourselves hoping that it will bring about the results we desire. But we risk upsetting the order of things or the blessings God is working to bring to us. God asks us to trust Him to set out a promising and good future for us. But often I am tempted to find a short cut to things or do things to keep myself busy at attaining the answer I want from God.

Just in the same way a good meal takes time to prepare, our impatience to wait for it and snacking on other things may spoil the whole experience of that good meal that God is preparing for us. What a pity it would be if we snacked to the extent that we had no space to have the meal God had prepared?

Lord Jesus, i pray that i will develop the godly virtue of waiting and perseverance. Let me not be tempted to snack on other things or to do things of my own volition without your direction. i desire to wait patiently for you. The waiting is not easy. But i trust you will open a way for me.


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