30 June 2014

One of the most challenging things i find is to work purposefully. A majority of the working class work for the pay, and so do i. But money alone cannot motivate a person to work well and to work with his or her heart. It even says in the bible that we should not serve money. Although receiving pay for work is not necessarily serving money, the large proportion of the working world does to a certain extent.

How do we as Christians avoid falling into the same temptation and sin? It is ever so subtle and difficult to balance who we serve. Today’s tech-savvy world encourages many start-ups and young people to pursue their dreams and creative ideas. There is a buzz and a passion and an entrepreneurial spirit.

For those of us who haven’t found ourselves in that fortunate position of being able to work passionately and be grateful for every working day, i believe we are not alone. Whilst not everyone will have the opportunity to explore new ideas immediately, we can certainly pray for breakthroughs in our perspectives on the work we are doing now. God is after all, a creative God – and the One who calls the impossible, possible, and the things that are not yet as if they already are.

Father God, help me embrace my work passionately and with zeal as i want to work for the Lord and not for man. Let this not just be empty words but let this be lived our powerfully and meaningfully in my life. Grant me breakthroughs and fresh perspectives at work. May i honor you in all i do.


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