Not my good luck charm

28 June 2014

God is not my good luck charm. God is God. Many times i do find myself subconsciously wishing and hoping for God to do something great for me. But He does not conform to our will. But rather asks that we conform to His will.

It’s not easy conforming to His will because in part, we do not know what exactly His will is for us. Although the bible provides scripture, that alone does not direct the details of our lives and much of the rest of life’s choices and moments are not written in black and white.

My idea of good may not be God’s good and my idea of a being fortunate may be not be God’s plan for me in the long run. A good luck charm is always a short term solution of what we can see before us or what we desire right now. But God is not a good luck charm. God plans ahead and His plans may mean short term failure and withholding certain things from us for now until the time is right.

Lord Jesus, help me to trust in you and be patient in the waiting. Help me not to see you as my good luck charm, but to trust you as my good God. I trust You Lord.


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