Higher than all

27 June 2014

There are also those who would give anything for a piece of bread or a bowl of rice. And there are some who save up especially just to treat themselves to an expensive meal – and the experience they have when they do is magical. They soak up every moment and can’t even imagine a better meal than that. Then there are those who can afford an expensive meal everyday and a treat for them would be to dine in the most exclusive and private restaurant. Each experience differs and each can be surpassed by a higher experience.

The same can apply to many other circumstances in life. Whether it is in terms of our relationships, jobs or health.

But what i believe is the most important point to take from this thought is love. Love takes many forms and can come in varying degrees. The love experienced between high school sweethearts is different from the love experienced between a couple about to be married. A woman may think on her wedding day that she can love no one more than her husband. But at the point of having her first child, she may develop a love she never knew could exist.A love perhaps even higher than the love she has for her husband.

And so I believe also that the love of God for each of us is more than we could ever imagine. Based on those thoughts above, perhaps there is reason to believe and reason to trust, and reason to take comfort, that God’s love for each of us is higher than all.

Loving Father and Wonderful Counselor, thank you for loving me with an everlasting love. Thank you for throwing your arms around me when i need you the most. Thank you for reminding me that your love secures my future and that your love has broken and will conquer everything that stands in the way of me and you.


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