No one better to ask

26 June 2014

There are a lot of things we are able to achieve and decide on our own. Many of us may have had the privilege of getting a higher education or if not, have done well otherwise. As the years go by, we’ve also accumulated experience which has translated into wisdom and independence.

But even the wisest person will soon meet a day when his or her wisdom alone is not enough. There will come choices and situations that will be beyond our ability to manage or control, and it will be at this time when we realise that we need someone to help us.

There is no one more qualified or more perfect to help us than our Lord and Saviour. Whilst there could be many people we know who are smarter and wiser than us, there is no one who we could trust the advice of more than God.

The Lord is our greatest and most trusted adviser and i shall not forget to ask for his advice and wisdom in everything i do.

Lord God, thank you that you are wholly and completely trustworthy and faithful. There is no one else who could give me better advice and direction than You. In You alone do i trust and truly in You only can i put my life toward. Lead me Lord, counsel me Lord and show me how i should walk.


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