24 June 2014

Disappointment i know is part of life but no one ever meets disappointment with a smile. We’ve learned to keep our expectations low and to expect the least, but when even that falls through, we are left with bitter disappointment.

In times like these it is easy to be angry at God. After all, He is the One who is Sovereign and in control – He knew and therefore He is also responsible. But if i were to believe that, then i would never believe there is a God because nothing in the world works out fairly. It is an illusion and a myth – and the writer of Ecclesiastes recognized this very well.

Rather in the midst of this struggle with disappointment, my faith in God is tested. My trust in Him is tested. My choice is whether to put my hope in Him and to let go of the disappointment – or to cling on to it and become more and more bitter.

Lord Jesus, I shall cast my bitterness and disappointment to you – only you are able to take on the anger and bitterness that follows disappointment and only You are able to restore me and re-establish me. Keep me rooted in you no matter what.


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