Unceasing God

23 June 2014

To this day, scientists have not found the answer to everything and exploration by the human race has not ceased because there is always something new or something yet to be explained.

It is fascinating how the earth which is over 4 billion years old has not yet been fully chartered and explored. There remain secrets of this earth which are undiscovered or revealed.

And so the nature of God in all His glory, majesty, mystery and creativity is reflected here. An unceasing God who continues to give new life to things on earth, who is constantly renewing things physical and spiritual.

This unceasing God is our passionate Father who dotes over us as well and loves us enough to suffer until death in Jesus to save our immortal souls.

With an unceasing God, there is always hope because nothing is ever static or impossible for God.

Lord God, may i thrive in this new hope and renewed hope that i have in you everyday when i wake up. Each day is a new hope with new possibilities, moments to seize, relationships to build and blessings to savour. In my distress i shall also hope in you because you are my unceasing Father who never misses a beat of my heart.


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