New passion

22 June 2014

In a very rough manner of speech, there are two kinds of people when it comes to passion. One who has a passion and one who doesn’t have a passion for anything in particular.

It’s not uncommon to meet people who have no particular affiliation or passion toward any specific thing. That’s not to say they are boring or lazy – in fact, they can be perfectly lively and positive persons.

But i do agree that there is something wonderful about meeting someone who is passionate about something. Whether it be technology, justice, social harmony, sports, education, or just their job! It can be a very good and charming quality to have. However, not everyone is like this – i for one, am such a person.

When we come to Christ, we are told in scripture that we are a new creation. And that is true. I have a new passion which is about Jesus and about living a new life pleasing to God. But being a new creation also i believe, opens a new possibility and new door to being passionate about something new. When our spirits are renewed, i believe we are also released from whatever held us back from being passionate about something. That something could well be God’s plan for us and our destiny.

Father Lord, i believe that your plan for me is not a life without passion. I believe that you also had in store something that us uniquely required of me and something that i will be passionate about. So let it be Lord, and may you point me toward that new passion – whatever it may be!


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