Who’s attention do i have?

21 June 2014

As a child, we looked to our parents to define who we are. If our parents told us we are handsome or beautiful, we would believe it and feel it as a child. We only needed the approval of our parents and no one else.

As an adult however, we have started to be concerned with the approval of other adults and peers. Our parents may still say and think we are doing great and love us, but somehow it may no longer be sufficient.

But the world and our peers will never be able to completely fulfill us. And even if it could, would it really be true? Would it really last and bring us the satisfaction we seek from it?

God’s acceptance of us began and ends with the cross. Whilst i strive with works to win the approval of men and the world, i sometimes overlook that Jesus has already won the approval of the most important person that was, and is and is to come.

So i ask myself, if i am really working to please God or to please myself and men? Pleasing God is not the same in the sense that i can please God by doing even the simplest of tasks or acts that go unnoticed. While the world focuses on the newest breakthroughs accomplished by men and flashes them on the front page news, God focuses on the condition of my heart and how that translates in my everyday living. Whether i am the CEO or the toilet cleaner – i can please God by living faithfully and in godliness.

Lord Jesus, help me to bring it back to basics. It’s tempting to focus on works to justify and promote myself, but you remind me that it is not about me or my accomplishments, but it’s about you and what you did on the cross for me. I am accepted and loved by the Most High God. I have the favour of God in my life over the favour of the world. I have the intimate and 24/7 attention of the Maker of the universe. How can i even allow the attention of the world or my peers to compare to You Lord? It cannot, and i thank you for loving me the way you do. All is well, all is well with my soul.


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