Status quo

20 June 2014

There are many people living their lives in the comfort and familiarity of routine. Routine itself is inevitable to a certain extent, but when our minds are too used to routine, it also becomes inflexible and afraid of change.

But change is also inevitable. Nothing stays the same and society is moving so fast nowadays i can hardly catch up with the latest technologies and ways businesses are run. If i were unwilling to adapt and make it a point to explore and learn new things, i would miss out in so many ways.

Whilst the truths of scripture will remain unchanged and eternal, living out the truth of scripture does not negate a dynamic and engaging lifestyle. Creativity is at the heart of God. Living a godly life is not just about routine and discipline (although that is important to cultivate) – but must also be balanced by engaging with the changing times and stretching ourselves out of our comfort zones.

Lord Jesus, let me have the courage to stretch beyond my comfort zone. Be it in terms of my routine in ministry, spiritually, relationally or at work. Help me to keep challenging myself to explore and learn about new possibilities to engage with new things but to also preserve the unchanging truth of the gospel in my life.


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