Seeing all sides

18 June 2014

I am often quick to jump to conclusions about people and circumstances. This would lead me many times into getting upset over things that where in actual fact not as bad as they seemed at first.

Seeing all sides of a matter is hard. It takes patience, wisdom and time. Sometimes what seems very good at first glance can lose its attraction after some thought and pondering. And the opposite can happen as well. When we take the time to see and consider all sides of a matter, we should also invite the Holy Spirit to open our eyes and guide our thoughts.

God is the beginning and the end. The past, present and future are within the grasp and knowledge of God. He sees all sides to every story. In fact scripture even reveals what the future holds for everyone in the book of Revelations.

Whilst we cannot always see all sides to every matter, we know that we have a God who can and does – all the time. And God has not left us without His aid. His instructions to us are already written in Scripture and the wisdom of Scripture helps us to maneuver through life with the counsel of the One who does see all sides to every situation. Therefore God asks us to trust him. Although we may be blinded sometimes, walking in the truth allows God to redeem and protect us from not seeing all sides to everything.

Lord God, thank you for your instruction in Scripture and your Holy Spirit who prompts me and leads me in triumph over the struggles and inadequacies of the human flesh. May i rely more on you, Holy Spirit, and less on my sense of what is or is not. You Lord are my eyes and to you i look to for guidance always.


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