Decisions without fear

17 June 2014

We all fear making mistakes and do our best to guard against them. In some cases mistakes equate to failure at some level and nobody likes to fail. Although we have all heard that success follows failure, it doesn’t make the moment of realising a mistake or failure pleasant and nor would I feel like embracing it in any way.

This unpleasantness of failure however lives between the moments before committing the mistake or failure (i.e. when we are so worried about whether a decision will be wrong) and the moment after realising you have made a mistake (i.e. living with the consequences of the mistake).

Whilst we believe that God will lead us to the right decision, we will not always choose God’s way either because we are not listening or not willing to subject our pride and fleshly desires to him. So we pray hard and search deeply to see if there is any ungodliness in us before we make a decision. But another reason we may not always walk in God’s will is because we make our decisions out of fear. Scripture says, “Perfect love casts out all fear.”

Making a decision out of fear or not making a decision out of fear is definitely not how God would want us to live. Fear can still exist even if there is no sinful motive or desire behind a decision, and because fear itself is not godly, a decision based on fear seldom leads to a good place.

If we live to God, we should live without fear of mistakes or failure. God is not only our guide but he is also GOD. And nothing is impossible for God. Paul said “I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me”. Regardless of circumstances, Paul learned the secret to contentment and fearless living.

Lord Jesus, please help me to live out my life courageously and not base my decisions on fear. Do not let fear overwhelm my decisions or allow the fear of mistakes or failure get in the way of taking on a new challenge or exploring the unknown. Above all God, guide me as well so that i align my choices and decisions with your good and perfect will. If I lose my way, help me out and do not forsake me – but bring me back onto the path you designed for me.


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