Religious spirit

16 June 2014

Over Europe and even Asia, there exist many beautiful monuments of early church buildings. Some of them are no longer being used as churches but are historical and tourist attractions. A lot of them also tell a story of how Christianity or Catholicism has been expressed as a strict and harsh religion. Historically and even today, many churches have used the penalty of sin and hell as the basis and foundation of the need for God and religion. Whilst this is not wrong, it neither produced the freedom or lightened yoke that Jesus came to provide.

The spill over effect today is seen in the intolerance or indifference toward Christianity. Persecution of the early church and the church today remains one of the most repulsive features of man’s fall away from the grace filled mission of Jesus Christ. The return of the religious spirit that Jesus had already set us free from was and is still welcomed back by many today.

Whilst God is to be honored and revered, His glory and praise will not come from condemnation or a religious spirit. In fact, this is evidenced from the complete abandonment of these beautiful churches that are now reminders of what early churches looked like.

Lord, I pray that my life is not only a facade of holiness but consists of a grace filled inner being that is weaned in humility, peace and love. May any religious spirit and spirit of condemnation or judgment leave me and be destroyed in the name of Jesus. May my spirit be aligned with your truth and purity and may this temple of the Holy Spirit be the fragrance of Christ.


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