Godly timing

15 June 2014

When Jesus came to earth, he did not immediately seek to spread the knowledge and message of salvation. He came as an infant, grew up as a boy carpenter and only at the age of thirty something did Jesus then commence his mission.

Yet even as Jesus gathered his disciples and started his ministry, he was careful who he revealed his identity to. You would have thought that Jesus would have tried to siren off the coming of God in human flesh, but he didn’t. Instead, Jesus kept a stealth approach in revealing his identity. Many times, Jesus charged those he healed not to tell anyone about who he was. Jesus even charged his disciples at one stage not to tell anyone that he was the Christ.

Godly timing was crucial in accomplishing the plan of God. And even though revealing the identity of Jesus and spreading the word of his presence would be a glorious and good thing, timing was of more importance.

Godly timing could be the difference between success and failure.

Father Lord, help me in my walk to know the importance of waiting on you. May i know how to exercise prudence and wisdom in carrying out my work and know the difference between godly patience and slothful inaction.


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