Value over wealth

14 June 2014

Someone once said that we should teach our children the value of things rather than the price of things.

There is already enough said about the price of things. Whether in the supermarket, advertisements or conversations with friends, we are bombarded with high prices of things and even envy those who can afford them.

But the price of things is sometimes far from the value of it. A car’s value appreciates when it is useful (or used). A house or apartment is valued only to the extent it is lived in and enjoyed. Friends value us and we value them because we can laugh, cry and share our lives with them. Yet some of the most expensive cars in the world only fit two persons (with no luggage space) and have more power than will ever be tapped into by the driver. There are beautiful houses and apartments which are only lived in less than half the time because owners are too busy elsewhere. People spend time mingling with others in nightclubs into the early hours (in glitz and glamour) of the morning only to wake up the next day alone and not remembering what happened or who they where with.

Jesus said “The eye is the lamp of the body; so then if your eye is clear, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness.”

If we do not train our eyes to see the value of things from an eternal perspective, our eyes will become bad very naturally. Our eyes are the perspectives we see things and Jesus wanted us to focus on things of true value. We are already rich and full in Jesus because we have the Holy Spirit to walk with us and in us – the deposit and seal of our entry into heaven (rather than the prestige of entry into a high society clubhouse). We have brothers and sisters to share our moments of joy and sorrow with and our homes will always be filled with the aroma of Christ if we make him the head of our household.

Lord Jesus, i want to see things with an eternal eye and not an eye that only sees the monetary value of things. Holy Spirit, teach me the value of what i already have and let me not trade such eternal value for anything in the world that is momentary and fleeting.



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