Seize the moment

13 June 2014

We’ve all heard the saying “Seize the day” or “Seize the moment”, but when days are lived out day in and day out, the routine and order of things make us less keen to seize each moment.

Someone once said that our fondest memories often consist of the times when we decided to seize the moment or when we made a decision we would not have otherwise made, which in hindsight, brought us a precious moment.

And so each moment not seized to live fully engaged in God can also be an opportunity missed. Each moment seized or not seized could make an eternal difference, whether we see it materialize right here and now, or only in heaven.  God designed life for us to be lived to the full – Jesus said “I have come, so that you may have life, and have it to the full” John 10:10.

Seizing moments to live fully engaged in God then is not just about getting to know our bible well or to listen to a sermon, but can also consist of making a decision which is honoring to God and to other people. When we make this a habit, we bring God honor and glory, and also fill our hearts with joy and gladness. It makes us dare to seize the next moment and makes life exciting as well. Who said living in Christ was boring?

Father Lord, help me to seize each moment. Holy Spirit prompt me to seize each moment in a God honoring way. Lord Jesus, may my life be lived out in an exciting new way consisting of moments seized to bring you glory and joy that lasts forever.


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