12 June 2014

I think there are quite a few of us, myself included, who get to a stage in life when we get impatient with where we are in life – whether it be in terms of relationships, work or otherwise. It’s in these times when we will also start to wander and feel very lost about our direction and goals.

Israel wandered 40 years in the desert and i can’t think of anything more trying than waiting on God like that to deliver His promise. Moses even died before reaching the promised land and did not see it.

Although our situations pale in comparison to Israel wandering in the desert, we do sometimes feel like we are in that desert. Spiritually we may also feel like we’re at a low point. But many Christian brothers and sisters also go through the same experiences. Mother Teresa even went through an extended time when she felt completely cut off from God.

I must remind myself that God may appear silent in these times but He is actually looking on and wanting us to press on despite experiencing the impatience and feeling a little lost. If we only press on – we will eventually reach and attain what God has prepared in advance for us.

Lord, help me to press on despite the circumstances, remind me of your goodness, remind me of the richness i have in you. Let me not be swayed by the enemies schemes to discourage and weight me down. Help me to continue in the destiny you have set before me.


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