Open heart and open mind

8 May 2014

It is easy listening to a sermon or to read an article here and there and think – “i’ve heard that before..” or “this nonsense again….“.

At times perhaps these are legitimate reactions based on good discernment. But there are also times for me when i have simply dismissed someone or some article just because i presumed or assumed too much about someone or something too quickly.

Someone once said, you only gain so much from someone as you value them. Meaning to say, if we dismiss someone, we also miss out on an opportunity to receive something valuable from that person. But if we give honor and value someone in a godly way – we will be able to receive the value which such person or thing as to offer in the process.

I was listening to a sermon a few days ago and i heard my mind saying “i’ve heard this before…” and i noticed that i switched off and did not concentrate any further. But the Holy Spirit prompted me to keep an open heart and an open mind. And when i decided to shut up the dismissive voices in my head that kept fighting against the speaker (“he’s not really genuine”, “that’s not so true” etc), i realised i enjoyed the whole sermon a lot more. i was able to pick out the valuable points and apply them into my own life. i was able to look through things which i had already heard before and take on a fresh perspective of the same lines.

If i had sat through the entire sermon with a dismissive attitude, i would have wasted my time. But by keeping out the dismissive spirit and opening my heart and mind to the leading of the Holy Spirit – i was able to enjoy and receive a valuable lesson.

Holy Spirit, i know you are able to teach me and use anything and anyone to speak to me. Let me not dismiss an opportunity to hear from you and let my heart be open  and my mind sharp to discern your direction in my life in any given situation.


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