6 June 2014

It is the kindness of God that touches our soul and motivates us to live faithfully toward God.

In the midst of doubt, worry, anxiousness and impatience, i would have expected a stern warning or rebuke from God. I was waiting to hear the words “Stop being so impatient“, “Look at how obsessed you have become“, “Look at the mess you’ve got yourself into“.

But instead, i heard the saw the gentleness of God, “Trust me. See – i am planning out something for you but you just need to let me finish what i have already started

I can’t explain the feeling of being so spoiled by God when He looks past my inadequacies, mumblings, ugliness and all, and just gives me the biggest hug to say, “It’s going to be ok – i’ve got your back and i know exactly what you’re thinking and going through – i’ve never dropped the ball on you – ever.

What a joy it is to be living in your grace Lord. That you know my needs and pamper me with your assuring love. Thank you for caring and loving me even when i do things wrong and take so much for granted. 


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