4 June 2014

It’s been a long time since i had that 7 year old feeling of wanting something so bad and wishing it was mine. As an adult, most of us have out grown the tendency to yearn over a toy or thing and have learned to keep our desires in control and expectations reserved. We’ve all had our fair share of disappointments and they started as early as when we were refused that expensive toy as a kid maybe.

But i realised that deep down inside, as much as we have matured in our various ways, we still have that kid in us that can become excited and hopeful of getting something we desire so much. Perhaps that isn’t a bad thing at all, but when i was young and immature, i would sulk and breakdown over not getting what i wanted. Perhaps we still do the same even as adults – but we just express it in a different way.

God gives and takes away. He is also the ultimate provider who is perfect and full of wisdom. The past and the present are the same for God and best of all, He never makes a mistake. As a child, i would question my parents’ decisions at times even if they did it out of love and genuine concern for me. Maybe they were wrong? Though often they were probably right. With God, we have the same instinct to doubt as well. But i need to assure myself that i am in the hands of the Beginning and the End – He that was and is and is to come. My future, should i trust in Him, is secure. And even if i am disappointed because i do not get what i really wanted, i know there must be a good reason for it. It doesn’t mean i will understand or not be upset. But at least i rest in the assurance that it was somehow best for me. And should i have missed an opportunity, i know He is also the God that opens new doors for every one who asks.

Father Lord, as you close one door, i pray that you also open another door for me that is even better. As you take away something, i pray that you also give me something even better. Help me also to look beyond myself and keep my eyes toward your Kingdom.


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