Where your heart is

30 May 2014

Jesus said, where your heart is, there also shall be where your treasure is found. Today we travelled many miles by plane and car and will sleep only 3 hours in order to get up early enough to see the sun rise in Alishan. All this money and time spent to enjoy something which is in fact free.

The best things in life are free. But we don’t always value them accordingly because they didn’t cost us anything. When I see the sun rise tomorrow I will appreciate it because I have travelled hundreds of miles and spent hard earned money to see it. But if I had just woken up in my own bed to see the run rise, I may not have even appreciated its beauty.

So it is with God. His love is free and so is His acceptance of us. But it cost the life of Jesus. It is beyond any price, it is more valuable than anything we can even imagine.

So tomorrow as I watch the sun rise, I will praise The Lord and I will say to Him, “You are my treasure, more valuable than gold and anything the world can offer, and I am rich in Jesus.”


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