It starts with me

31 May 2014

Today many people are complaining about how their government is not doing enough for them. There is always going to be a dissenting voice and a disgruntled community. Whichever government you look at, there is always going to be a failure of some kind.

Jesus didn’t go directly to the government or rulers when He spent his years ministering and teaching about the kingdom of God. Jesus went directly to the common people and taught about loving each other as their own. He didn’t lead a political campaign to overrule the government, but Jesus led a campaign to lead the human spirit. Real change doesn’t happen when we have the right government, real change happens when we have the right values and culture. A neighbour loving another neighbour, a stranger helping out another stranger. The mandate to serve doesn’t come from democracy or better policy addresses, none of these man made ideals will bring lasting cure to the human heart and disposition. The mandate to serve comes from God, by His demonstration of what servant leadership looks like, not by the empty promises of politicians.

Each of us has that mandate now and today. We don’t need to wait for someone else or some government to act. If we have the ability now to make someone else’s life better, then that is what we must do. If we don’t, let’s not play politics and blame someone else for not doing their job right.

Lord Jesus, I pray that you lead me into a heart of service and servant leadership. May your kingdom culture live in my heart. May my heart be filled with compassion and may my feet also be swift to act.


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