3 June 2014

I sometimes meet people or hear about people who have achieved so much in life. They’ve attained a level of success and proficiency in their field or area of expertise that impresses even the lay person, and even more so those in the same field.

It’s only natural to also aim to achieve something good in life and i wrote before that whilst it is important to acknowledge that the Lord is the one who determines our destiny, we must also put in our efforts.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that we are also different and talented in our own ways. Whilst it is important to learn new things and be inspired by other people, we are all accepted and given the same level of recognition despite the worldly status that separates us – if only we are faithful in what we’ve been given.

Father Lord, with what you have given me, i pray that i will be faithful and resourceful in putting it toward a good investment and achieve a return to make you proud. Thank you for first believing in me and investing your life in me.


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