Creator and created things

24 May 2014

I was looking at all the skyscrapers and new building works going on in the city. The glitz and glamour of new shopping malls, the sights of beautifully crafted and engineering sports cars. The luxury that we have surrounded our lives with is intoxicating and breathtaking sometimes.

Yet Jesus told us to worship the Creator and not the created things. In the past people used to worship their own gods made from statutes and in temples made with human hands. And Jesus would rebuke them by asking if such idols made out of wood and metal had life or could talk to them or save them. Jesus asked them to worship the living God but man loved to worship the things they created with their own hands.

Today, we haven’t progressed much away from this direction. Created things still remain an idol in our hearts and are often seen as more attractive and coveted than God himself. Even if we know in our minds and hearts that God is the true creator and there is nothing we can create that can surpass His greatness and beauty, we are still attracted to the created things man has built.

If only i would stop and acknowledge for a moment each day, how wonderful it is that the Creator of everything there was and is and ever will be, has already given me the keys to himself. That the words, “I am rich in Jesus” is not just a saying or verse, but i something that i am going to intentionally let ring true in my heart.

Lord, I want to give you the glory and praise for all that is created in awesome wonder. Whether the mountains or the sea, whether the other created things of this world, it is you and you alone who is the beginning source of everything. And you tell me, “No eye has seen and no mind has conceived, what God has prepared for those who love Him.”. May my heart acknowledge and confirm that this is true and there is nothing here on earth that can surpass the majesty and splendor of being with you.


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