23 May 2014

Wounds need to be healed. If they don’t heal, we know there is a problem. Wounds also need time to heal. I believe there are physical wounds as well as spiritual wounds.

It isn’t difficult to discover a physical wound, but discovering a spiritual wound or psychological wound is not always easy.

This is especially important when it comes to faith. Without healing deep spiritual or psychological wounds, it is difficult for faith to take root and grow. All of us struggle to different degrees with different types of spiritual and psychological wounds. Some more than others.

But the importance of asking God for healing in these areas of our lives is crucial to our faith. Ignoring such wounds can be tantamount and compared to ignoring the enemy of our faith. Just as there is no need to over emphasize the existence of the enemy or accounting every difficulty or trouble to the enemy, we also do not need to place disproportionate importance in the matter of spiritual healing.

But today, i think many Christians are neglecting the reality of spiritual and psychological wounds. These can be formed early in childhood or picked up later in adult life. And we need to be reminded to take a look in this department of our lives every now and then and ask for the Holy Spirit to reveal areas that need healing. Often, it’s not the healing that takes a long time, it’s the discovery of that wound which is hidden from us.

Holy Spirit, i pray that you would reveal to me the areas in my life that i need healing in. Bring light to those areas of darkness in my life and faith which need to be exposed to the truth and to your love. Search my heart and show me what is wrong and where i need to remove weeds and thorns that are stunting my growth. Heal me, prune me and grow me.


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