The crowds came

22 May 2014

Today we get excited over great speakers, singers, artists and movies. There is always a crowd going somewhere to see or meet some special person, to hear him or her, to experience something unique.

So it is in the Christian circle. We have speakers and pastors holding conferences sometimes by the thousands.

This is all fine. But i sometimes wonder whether i am in the crowd for the sake of being in the crowd. Is it just an instinct to follow the herd? People attracting people? Peer pressure?

When it comes to matters about faith, whilst i love listening to pastors and reading articles giving new and fresh insight into faith, i must acknowledge that Jesus and the bible was and is and will always be the source of all truth.

I believe i must take a step back from the “crowd” sometimes to simply spend time alone with my bible, in prayer, reflection and stillness before God. I must let God be the center of attention, be the hype and excitement of newness and fresh thoughts. Even if i had read the verses in the bible before, God will never fail to speak new perspectives of faith through time alone with Him. He is after all, the source and inspiration of every crowd attracting faith-based speaker today. There is sometimes no better channel to listen to God, than to tune into His Word and reflect.

Lord God, i give you my attention and focus. You are the center of my faith and the source of all godly inspiration. Let my spirit draw from you.


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