Because God is good

18 May 2014

I read somewhere this week that we worship God not because he has been good to us but because God is good. Because God is worthy of all worship and praise. Just in the same way we would read or hear about a person like Mother Teresa, we would praise her for being a great person, even though she may not have directly helped us or been good to us. And so the same applies to how we worship God in song or dance and other ways. We worship and are called to worship because God is worthy of this praise and He has done many great and wonderful things, too many to keep count, too great to describe or comprehend with our human minds.

The more i think about it, the more it makes sense for me. I worship by singing in church and i would sometimes be crying as i do, but usually it was done out of gratefulness for what God has been and is doing recently in my life. But when times are steady and nothing out of the ordinary begs me to worship God in the same intensity, i often try to conjure up the same emotions, or repeat the same personal reasons for worshipping God – because He has forgiven me, because He is good to me, because He did this and that for me, me and me.

There is nothing wrong with being grateful in itself and ofcourse, being grateful is one of the key attributes of a Christian life. So often we are even told in church to sing praises to God because of what He has done for us. But i agree with the statement, that we should also worship God because He is simply worthy and deserving of our worship regardless of how grateful or joyful we feel lately and regardless of what God has or hasn’t done in our lives. God is good all the time, and He is worthy of praise all the time.

Father Lord, i worship you because you are awesome beyond imagination and because You have come also for our good. Your love to me and to others is beyond anything i can explain or describe. Your care is perfect and Your will is always for our good. Thank you Lord for this privilege to be yours and for you to be mine too.


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