Plans of God

17 May 2014

When David was pursued by King Saul, God saved him from what seemed like an impossible escape. Then the same happened when David’s son, Absalom, tried to kill his father. God’s plans can never be frustrated by any human intervention.

Time and time again i see in the bible, the incredible stories of God’s plan prevailing in the midst of the impossible.

Proverbs 19:21:”Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.”

Today we see successful people featured in newspapers and magazines, they talk about their achievements and share of their secrets to success. We are persuaded and led into thinking that our future is in our own hands. And so we make our goals and strive to fulfill them. To an extent, it is, based on our choices, but choices that are not within the plan of God would certainly fail.

Although no one can frustrate or go against the plans of God, and although the plans of God will always prevail, it does not mean that we have no choice or that we do not need to work with those plans. The plans of God are not hidden in some secret chest or obscure code. The plans of God are written plainly in the bible. Even if we only choose to obey and follow the simplest ones, that would be sufficient to bring us in line with God’s plans. We have a choice, to be in His plan, or to be outside His plan.

Lord Jesus, i know and i acknowledge that it is you that determines success and failure based on the choices i make today and tomorrow. May you ever be before my thoughts when i make my decisions and choices and may i always seek your counsel in planning my steps.


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