16 May 2014

I have to keep reminding myself that greatness, honor and glory is never something that i can seek out to obtain, but is something that is bestowed. Jesus never sought to be honored among men or to be ascribed greatness and glory while on earth, but he was given honor, greatness and glory by those whom he served. But in the world it is very hard to keep this attitude in heart.

My instant reaction is to want to demand respect when I don’t feel i am getting it. I want to be recognized and rewarded for my efforts when i’ve put in all my best. I want to be rewarded for this and that.

There is a famous advertisement line by Loreal – “Because i’m worth it” and “Because you’re woth it”. And i think it is such a catchy slogan because it rings well in every person’s heart. It’s like saying, i deserve it, i deserve better.

Jesus deserved to be treated like the King of kings and the Lord of lords. But this was not his demand or complaint. But we read that God the Father bestowed upon Jesus, the Name above every name because Jesus humbled himself and was obedient, even to the point of death.

There is only one source of lasting and eternal glory and greatness, and that is in Jesus. Whilst i may struggle to find my glory and greatness here on earth, the world can only give me something momentary and narcissistic – it only makes me look closer and closer to my own interests and reach and grab for more. But the gospel teaches a different way, a reverse economics. I am valued based on how much i value others and not by how others value me.

Teach me and counsel me Lord Jesus, in the ways of the Kingdom and not of this world. I do not belong to this world or its economics and although i may live here now, my true home is with you, and my true treasure and value is not measured by anything the world can offer.


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