14 May 2014

When i read the book of Esther i see the two main characters, Esther and Mordecai – Esther’s cousin, working out the plan of God in protecting and saving his people.

Esther was clearly made queen not because she was to lavish in that glory, but because she was to be instrumental in swaying the king’s decision to destroy the enemy of the Jews and allow the Jews the right to defend themselves.

But there was a risk for Esther which involved her to reveal her true ethnic identity to the king and risk perhaps losing her title as queen or her life. Mordecai’s wisdom and shrewdness was also key in carrying out the plan of God.

God places each of us in different roles in life for carrying out His plans. We have each been given a unique gift, like how Mordecai was given wisdom, wit, resourcefulness and shrewdness and how Esther was given a high position early in life. And i think the book of Esther shows that sometimes the gifts or positions we have been given in life are not necessarily to be used alone, but in conjunction with others around us. We will also be challenged to use our positions of influence and risk it sometimes for the good of others.

Lord Jesus, show me and keep my heart and eyes attentive to how i need to use my position of influence and gifts for your plans and for the good of other people. May i not shrink back from using and risking what i have been given for the good of others. May i not get too comfortable and unwilling to exercise what has been given to me.


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