Rejoicing in the day that the Lord has made

13 May 2014

Reading through the psalms in the bible, i can see psalms of praise and rejoicing and psalms of desperate cries for God.

Psalms helps me see that our life will be filled with ups and downs. Times or rejoicing will be followed by times of testing. Times of testing will also be followed by rejoicing when we work through it faithfully and persevere.

At the same time, the psalms help me see that i do not need to hide my feelings or suppress them, but that i should rejoice and praise God completely and whole-heartedly when times are refreshing, and cry out and make my pleas known and clear to God when times are difficult.

The balance is to know when to rejoice and when to cry out to God. If i am honest, i probably spend less time properly allocating my time to rejoice and praise the Lord for the good that He is showing me, and spend more time making complaints or crying out to God with things i am not happy about.

Perhaps i should make it a habit to rejoice and praise the Lord in the way the psalmists do, with all their words, thoughts and actions. I need to be engaged in seeing the goodness of God by not taking for-granted the goodness of “just another ordinary day”. I have no trouble finding things to be unhappy about, so i think the balance needs to be tipped in favour of finding things to rejoice in the Lord.

Lord Jesus, may i continually find reasons to praise your name. Not only for the forgiveness of my sins and salvation of my soul, but also for the goodness of everyday life that you give me. Let me rejoice when i should be rejoicing and let my heart be glad for the day that the Lord has made.



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