Daring to believe

12 May 2014

Much of the Christian faith is to trust in the word of God and the salvation of Jesus Christ. Many of us, including myself, live and work under this faith by applying it as a defensive mechanism against all things that go wrong in life.

Whilst there is nothing wrong in using our faith to comfort us and strengthen us in times of need, i wonder whether our faith is also supposed to be used to endeavour for greater things.

If we dare to believe that Jesus not only died for our sins and has assured us a promised land one day, but also that Jesus has a plan and destiny for us to fulfill here on earth, then we start to use faith in a more powerful way.

After all, living a Christian lifestyle is not about ticking the boxes and behaving well, but about daring to be ambitious for God. Sometimes i feel stuck in life because i am probably not daring to use my new life in Christ for greater things.

Daring to meet new people, start new relationships, start new ministries or ways of service, daring to believe that God will bless, confirm and establish each and every step that i take for His Kingdom.

A change in mind-set is needed or at least a reminder is required every now and then. To use our faith not only for preserving ourselves for the day of Christ’s return, but for setting the stage around us when that time comes.

Father Lord, I acknowledge that i allow myself to be defeated or feel defeated in my faith. I acknowledge that i need to dare to use my faith for re-invigorating new life and energy into every situation that i feel defeated. I acknowledge that i am more than a conqueror in Christ.


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