Family love

11 May 2014

It was Mother’s Day in Hong Kong today. A much celebrated and joyful time as all of us acknowledge the unconditional and relentless love of our mothers. Indeed i think a lot of mothers have demonstrated a love unparalleled in any other human relationship.

God’s love can be seen in the love within the family. A father’s lavish and extravagant love, a mother’s caring and nurturing love, a sibling’s joyful and uplifting love. They are all the closest expressions of the multifaceted love of our God. Very few friendships outside of family can compare to the strength and power of family love.

I once thanked my family for teaching me how to love and express love. From their affection, thoughtfulness, service and words of affirmation, i too learned how to express such love to my friends and eventually to my wife and to my future family.

The bible says, “We love because He first loved us”. God loves each and every single human being on this earth. As Christians, we are privileged to know the extent of God’s love for us and to embrace this love of God even more fully as we walk in our faith. Like any family member, our God wants to show us just how much He loves us and forgives us no matter how sinful we are. His Word says, “Love covers over a multitude of sins”.

It’s in this embrace of His love and learning how much He loves us that transforms us and transforms our ability to love Him back and to love others. Without acknowledging and learning this love of God, we cannot truly love like God.

Abba Father, i pray that my heart will be opened more fully to understand, to see, to experience and to reciprocate your holy and perfect love. I want to learn more and experience all levels of your love for me so that i can reciprocate your love to you and truly love like you.


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