10 May 2014

In the world we live in, we know that not everything is fair. Someone is bound to say – “Life is not fair!” – and i would agree and have probably said or thought the same thing.

But what is fairness? Do we really know what it means and do we really want fairness? Jesus dying for our sins was not fair. But if not for Jesus, we would be condemned without hope. Our concept of fairness is skewed in any case. But i acknowledge that we cannot help but feel sometimes, that life is still unfair at times.

Not knowing why we didn’t get that which we worked for, or not knowing why this or that happened instead of something else is a completely normal reaction and thought. It is possibly one of the most common arguments against God.

But one day, these records will be set straight. Although we have to live the way we do now in a broken and unjust world, we know that this world is passing away and our lives are also moving toward eternity. Our souls long for fairness, righteousness, justice, peace and love. And one day, we will receive that. But only if we persevere now despite the unfairness, despite the heart ache and despite the inequality.

I watch tennis sometimes and there will be times when the linesmen will mistakenly call a shot out, when it was actually in. The player being penalised will shout and react all hostile and defensive – insisting that it was in, and there will be that moment when both the linesman and the player will look to the referee on the highchair to make the decision. Fairness is expected. Truth is expected. Now with technology, they can trace the projection of the ball to determine with pin-point accuracy whether the ball was in or out, and the computer replay will show the final outcome. To the relief of the player sometimes, the lineman was wrong and the point was safely won – what was lost initially was redeemed back in favour of the player. But between that moment of being called out and waiting  for the results of the computer replay, both player and linesman, and audience are in suspense. It could go either way, and only time would tell. But fairness is assured.

And so it is with life now i suppose. That ultimately, one day, God will judge the world. One day, God will redeem all that was lost to unfairness and injustice. That day will come to those of us who wait in faith for the return of our Lord Jesus. But unlike the idea of the tennis match, our faith in Jesus will always assure us we are on the right side of the table. But we are also warned by Jesus that there will also be those who thought they were right, but to whom he will say to them “I never knew you”.

Father Lord, you are the fair and righteous judge. I thank you for your mercy in my life and i also pray you teach me to show grace as you’ve shown to me. But i also praise you, that one day, all that was lost in unfairness will be made right and redeemed.


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