Calling for divine intervention

8 May 2014

There are days when some of us can feel “trapped” under our circumstances or feel resigned to a certain lifestyle which we cannot see changing in the near future.

I pray to God for divine intervention in situations like these. Because God sees and is above the past, present and future, and is not bound by time, there is a way for God to do something about any given situation.

For many of us, it is our mind-set that needs re-configuration rather than the actual circumstances we are in. I realised most of the time, it is how we interpret our circumstances or how we feel about it that brings us down in despair. But God can renew our minds and bring a mind of peace, life and joy.

There is newness and life whenever we ask for the Holy Spirit to come into a situation. So I invite the Holy Spirit to come into every area of my life and for the Holy Spirit to renew my mind so that i see above just the past and present, and replace despair with a new hope for the future.

Where there is God, there is hope. Being or feeling “trapped” is a cry for hope to be given and we can find that hope in God. For nothing is impossible with God.

Holy Lord, I pray for your divine intervention in my times of despair. Bring in a fresh hope and a fresh sense of anticipation for your greater glory to be revealed. For i know the plans you have for me. They are plans to prosper me and not harm me, plans to give me a future and hope of better things to come.


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