Reality of God

3 May 2014

There are very few people in this world who can claim to have seen or been close to God to feel His tangible presence. I would admit that most days, God is a presence that i acknowledge but the reality of other things before my eyes easily counters off the reality of God’s presence in every minute of my life.

What i mean is that because i cannot see God, hear God (at least audibly or all the time), or feel God, the reality of God can sometimes slip pass my consciousness or be drowned out by other noisier, more tangible things of people, or other experiences in life. After all,  God gave us our five senses –  sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste to experience His creation. So it is understandable if we also strive to experience God through these five senses. And when we don’t – the reality of God is challenged.

Perhaps then, the reality of God is not to be fully experienced with any of our five senses, but with a sixth sense. Our five senses were bestowed upon us by our Creator. It boggles my mind that He didn’t also give us a sixth sense to experience Him in a “real” way. Some say that the five senses together work in harmony to somehow bring us to the realisation that there is a God.

But perhaps this sixth sense to experience the reality of God is actually only exercised when we have faith. Faith wasn’t given to us like the other five senses. Faith comes in a different way. Faith is a combination of an exercise of my choice and free will to believe and God’s delight and love to harness and cultivate in me.

If someone were to shove ice cream into my mouth, as much as i might try to resist, my five senses leave me without a choice to touch, see, taste and smell the ice cream even if i didn’t choose to have it.

This sixth sense however is something very different, because unlike the other five senses, this sixth sense requires an exercise of my free will and choice before the reality of God is experienced. God doesn’t force Himself onto me in order for me to believe.

The reality of God is constant and always present. As much as this computer in front of you and me is real, so is God. But the reality of God can only be experienced in faith, through the exercise of precious free will and choice, which God created you and i with.

May our journey of this sixth sense begin today and to increase until the reality of God is dense and the most dependable truth and reality you and i will ever experience in this life and the life to come.


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