Perfect wisdom

2 May 2014

I realise that sometimes the decisions or choices i was about to make would not have turned out to be the best for me, or that a delay in doing something actually turned out to be for the better.

We are asked to put faith in God’s wisdom and plan for our lives, but often times we feel as if such faith needs to be plucked or summoned out of thin air. But actually, i need only look back on the decisions i made and the outcome of things in the past to realise that there was a divine hand guiding me through all this while.

If i was protected back then and even when i did not know God, how much more now, could i be assured to be guided by His hand?

God will never fail us and cannot fail us because God cannot deny himself. Scripture says in 2 Timothy 2:13: If we are faithless, He remains faithful, for He cannot deny Himself”.

Thank you Lord for being faithful to me even when i have doubts over your soverignty and wisdom in my life. I cast all my doubt and insecurity at your feet and declare that You are always there and ever present. Let me rest in the assurance of Your goodness and perfect wisdom.


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