Past, present and future

30 April 2014

When I had first come to faith, a lot of my emotions and attention were placed on the past mistakes that Jesus had forgiven me of. For some of us, that may be the main propelling component of our faith. I read of children and adults in Uganda who were the aggressors of the savage murders years ago, only recently finding faith in Christ and reconciling their past with the victims’ families. Much needed to be forgiven, much needed to be redeemed.

Indeed, redemption is also one other critical component or result of faith. God not only forgives but also redeems what was lost. If not completely right here and now, we are told that it will happen one day nonetheless. Many family relationships are healed and beautifully redeemed. Some marriages are saved. Forgiveness in itself redeems many hurt feelings.

Then there is also the future promises of the Lord which forms a major part of our faith. The ultimate promise being that we will be with the Lord in heaven one day.

With our past mistakes forgiven,  our present being redeemed and the future assured, i pray that everyday can be lived in thankfulness and joy. Sometimes, momentary troubles can distract me from these eternal blessings that are mine. And I pray that no matter what happens, these eternal joys will shine brighter and shine through any cloudy or gloomy day ahead.

Father Lord, there may be gloomy and stormy days in my life, but i pray that even in the midst of this, i can look up and know that You are there holding all my past, present and future completely in your hands. I thank you and ask that you be sovereign over all of my past, present and future. Thank you Lord.


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