What is my value?

28 April 2014

It goes without saying that we apportion value to everything. It also goes without saying that each of us can attribute different values to the same things.

I recently saw on the news that an old Chinese porcelain tea cup, the size of a thumb, sold for US$36 million. The vast population would not have apportioned such a value to a relic like that, but only a select group of people have decided that something so small would be worth something so great.It boggles my mind that something i would not have even taken a second look at was in fact a hidden gem.

That made me think about how much we are valued by God. Am i that hidden gem?

The majority of us would agree that human life is valuable and even more so if we were to talk about our own life. But how does God assess our value? If our value was in beauty, power, intelligence or net worth, then Jesus’ ministry would have looked a lot more different. The truth is, none of that matters or is of any value to God – because it all came from Him anyways.

Our value is not even in good works or the choices we make, because God has loved us before we were even created. Each of us has an intrinsic and eternal value. Value which is not affected by anything good or anything bad we do. We are valued – period. Unlike the volatility and fickle valuation we assign to earthly things – our value remains unchanged before God. I can’t even comprehend how that can be. But i know, because Jesus came for me and died for a sinner like me. The wrath of God was against me, but even in the midst of this wrath, my value was untarnished, and a safety line was thrown in to redeem me.

Lord Jesus, thank you for always loving me even in my most unlovable state. Thank you that you do not apply fickle and conditional value toward me, but instead see me through eternal eyes and hold me in great worth and value. I may feel like a worthless or unimpressive tea cup at times, but you tell me i am worth far more, beyond anything i can imagine!


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