A day of rest

26 April 2014

We read in Genesis that God created the earth and the beginning of life in seven days. It’s easy to mistake that God rested from His work since then and everything else continued on its own natural path.

But Jesus said “My Father is working until now, and I Myself am working.

And certainly that must be true. That God has never ceased from working from the beginning of time until now. There were no holidays or breaks for God and none of us would have expected anything less!

Yet God gave us the Sabbath to rest. In His wisdom, He knew we would need to retreat from the busyness of life and be quiet and still for a day in a week. It was is a gift. The day of rest is to revive our souls in the Lord. To remember His goodness and to also reflect and listen to His direction before we speed off again into another week of work and busyness. Yet in this day of rest, God never stops working on our souls. I believe God continues to work out our future and path even as we rest in Him. Sometimes when we refuse to rest, we also refuse to let God work and sort matters out for us too.

Lord help me to give more thought into receiving and using the day of rest to rest and reflect in you. Help me to get my bearings and compass tuned in the day of rest so that i do not speed off without your direction. Revive my spirit and give me the strength for another week ahead. Thank you for also preparing the way and aligning the path as i wait upon you in my rest.


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