Sharing is doubling

25 April 2014

In my life, i have been in the receiving end of a lot of generosity and blessing. My parents who raised me for example, did so unconditionally and had generously supplied me with all i ever needed and more – whether in love or materially.

My friends lend counsel and support as well as so much joy. I have received sound advice when i needed it the most. I’ve had guidance all my life up to where i am now. I have a beautiful place i can call home and a job that supplies over and above my daily needs.

With all this, i do not want to just savor the blessings and enjoy the fruits, but i want to also share in this generosity to others. Be it to pass on Godly advice i had received, be it to share my time, money or resources. There is no better way to say thank you to God, than to share myself with others.

In the Trinity, we know that God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit were in perfect harmony and lacked nothing. But they still chose to share this love and joy by creating us as partakers of eternal life with them. As i move out to share myself with others i also take a risk like how God took the risk in sharing Himself with me and for me. I am called to follow Jesus and so my life should conform to His life.

Lord Jesus, show me how to be generous in my life. Encourage me to take the risk to invest in others just as you invested in me. A burden shared is made lighter and joy that is shared is doubled.



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