“Me” culture

21 April 2014

I would venture to say that 99% of the time I do not live in any dire circumstance. There is no shortage of food or water, my health is good and family and friends are well. But less, much less than 99% of the time do I rejoice in this or take the opportunity to allow this blessing to overflow into the lives of others less fortunate than myself.

I once read a very good article written by a friend who mentioned in passing the 99% occupy Wall Street event which sparked world wide attention and sentiments. It was observed that many only focused on the deplorable social and wealth disparity between the wealthy 1% and the less wealthy 99%. But what many failed to point out was that within this 99% is a large population that does not have to worry about food, water, health or family and friends.

The point is that too much focus is on self today. That’s not a new revelation, but it goes to show that not much progress has been made from this greater social problem of the “me” culture.

I myself spend far too much time thinking and pining over my own interests than the good of other people. But there needs to be a constant reminder in our hearts, that the only why we can truly be set free from our own hell of self absorption is by thinking and doing more to serve other people. We don’t get happier by being more self absorbed, instead we become even more unhappy.

Jesus came and turned the culture of self upside down. He said, who ever shall fight to save his life shall lose it but whoever loses his life for my sake shall find it. He also said, whatever you did for the least of these people, you did for me and whatever you did not do for the least of these people who did not do for me. Thinking less about ourselves and more about others is exactly what Jesus wanted us to realise is what sets us free and releases blessing.

Lord, there is more to life than just me. There is more to me than just life itself. Forgive me for being self absorbed and open my heart to gratitude and service. Create in me Lord a heart of service and humility, to bless those less fortunate than me and share my blessings with those less fortunate than me.


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