Godly virtue

22 April 2014

We see published in magazines and read articles of successful business men and women, top professionals and leading people in different fields of work today. There is much celebration over such established people and those of us in the trade all wish and aspire to make a name for ourselves as well.

Whilst i see no harm in striving like that, i also realise that the bible focuses almost on none of such qualities. All the celebrated characters in the bible were not any distinguished scholars, professionals or rich, successful and powerful people.

It’s not to say we shouldn’t strive to be successful or that it is ungodly to acquire titles. But such success without godly virtue counts for nothing in God’s eyes. In just the same way scripture tells us that every deed done – no matter how spectacular – without love, is useless. So i believe the same attitude should apply in how we assess ourselves. Not by our worldly titles and achievements, but by how we conduct our lives in a godly way.

Father remind me not to lose sight of the importance of living with godly virtue. Let not the pride of any achievements or titles cloud or give me false security over the condition of my life. Help me to lead a godly life and take assurance in that and not any other worldly achievements.


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