18 April 2014

Ambition is often seen as a good word to mean a characteristic which is positive, motivated, aspiring and hopeful. I agree too that ambition is a good thing to have. Staying positive, motivated, being inspired to be better and having a hope is essential to feeling alive and joyful.

It’s just that the means of getting there also requires a lot of effort on my part. I can’t imagine an ambitious person who doesn’t plan and put effort into working out the goal of his or her ambition. Ambition, like faith, requires works to prove it.

As a Christian, it is the inter-play between ambition and faith which can become confusing. On the one hand, we have to trust God will lead us in His will, on the other hand, we need to “work” with God in achieving His will. Trusting in God and having faith does not equate to sitting on my backside waiting for blessings to fall on my lap.

So the question is, is it wrong to have set for ourselves an ambition or goal without knowing if it is His will?

I believe it is not always that we can discern or hear God’s will for every decision in life. There are some times when there isn’t a clear pointer from God. And so we have to rely on our own wisdom to decide what to do. That isn’t wrong in my mind. But i think the difference is knowing how to keep an open ear and heart to God whilst i am executing a decision or plan. Granted i will not always make the right choice or decision, but God is always near to steer the ambition in His direction.

It’s much like keeping all eyes forward and pressing ahead, but keeping both ears open to His leading. Ambition is good because it drives us, but every now and then we need to check our road map. Asking for directions once in a while is fine – especially when i’m checking with my Abba Father.

Lord Jesus, move me according to you will as i give you both ears and an open heart. Steer me in my walk and if necessary, correct my direction. Keep me ambitious, but keep me humble to your leading as well.


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